A Mobile Refill Shop

What sort of vehicle will house the mobile refill shop?

Tis the Future is an ex-Lewes Town Council Refuse Vehicle, and it needed some quite major work to refurbish!  The vehicle was custom built to our specifications by an electric vehicle specialist from  Bampton, in Oxfordshire.

The vehicle is entirely powered by electricity, with enormous batteries that are recharged overnight. Like an old fashioned mobile library, or ice cream van, we trundle around Tisbury and the surrounding villages and shine a light on how we want to live, and how we can all tangibly make a difference and save the planet. 


Here are just some of ways you can reduce reliance

on single-use plastics

Replace plastic bathroom products with a sustainable decomposable alternative 

When possible support local producers while also reducing the carbon footprint of your purchased products


Make the switch from single use plastic jars and packaging to using your own glass jars

Screenshot 2021-06-10 at 23.41.14.png


We are a Community Benefit Society,

which is a legal thing!

It is a structure designed so that communities fund and support shops that matter to them.


There is no private benefit here. Any and all profit is always returned to our community. 


How do I become an investor?

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